Intergalaxy Butterfly – Shaped Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle


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This is not just a puzzle — it is a high quality wooden puzzle which features many uniquely shaped pieces.

Physicists say that there is a chance that our Universe is a part of an endlessly bigger Multiverse. In this case, the world as we know it might fit into a single grain of powder on a butterfly’s wing. To reflect on this concept, we’ve created the Intergalaxy Butterfly puzzle, that tells a story about discovering pieces and balance inside ourselves and in the surrounding world. It’s filled with butterflies, flowers, meditating Buddhas, and animals, but its mesmerizing colors invite you to make a step beyond our world and see with your inner eye how beautiful the endless Universe is.

Size M – 32×23 cm (12.6×9 in) – 199 pcs – average complexity, assembly time 2-4 hours.

Object Put together the jigsaw puzzle.
Brand Unidragon
Type Wooden Jigsaws
Dimensions Approx. 23 cm x 32 cm / 9 in x 12.6 in
Packaging Wooden Display Box
Total Pieces 199