Iridescent Chameleon – Shaped Wooden Jigsaw


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This is not just a puzzle — it is a high quality wooden puzzle which features many uniquely shaped pieces.

Chameleon is the Lord of the lizards. At least he is the Lord of smaller lizards that you can hold in your hands. So, inside this puzzle, you will find a variety of crawling, running, and crouching reptiles, as well as animals and tropical birds. They all glow and change color following the endless shift of the Chameleon’s character.

Start assembling the puzzle from the head and put the Chameleon’s eye in place as soon as possible. It rotates, so the Chameleon will keep a close eye on all your attempts to pick up the next piece of its intricate pattern. And when you finally find it, it will snap into place smoothly and easily because we use only the highest quality materials, and cutting was done by robots armed with lasers!

Size M – 26×33 cm (10.2×13 in) – 202 pcs – average complexity, assembly time 2-4 hours.

Object Put together the jigsaw puzzle.
Brand Unidragon
Type Wooden Jigsaws
Dimensions Approx. 26 cm x 33 cm / 10.2 in x 13 in
Packaging Wooden Display Box
Total Pieces 202