Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King

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Isle of Skye, one of the most beautiful places in the world: Soft sand beaches, mellow hills, impressive mountains chains: the striking landscape overwhelms everybody. Hundreds of years ago, however, the situation was not as peaceful: 5 clans are competing for dominance, each trying to take away the best swaths of land from one another, and selling off the unpleasant ones for a lot of money. Will your little kingdom make you king of the island? In this tile-laying game 2 to 5 players are the chieftains of 5 famous clans. The players try to build their little kingdoms to score as many points as possible. But in each game only 4 of the 16 scoring cards will be scored. Each game is different and leads to different tactics and strategies. In the end the player with the best kingdom will become the sovereign of the island, not the richest player!Isle of Skye is a gateway game for the whole family. With a playing time around 45 minutes, easy rules and lots of fun – it’s a perfect game for all players. The awesome illustrations by Klemens Franz brings all the athmosphere of the scottish island on your table. Ages: 8+ Players: 2 – 5 Average Game Length: 60 minutes Made by: Mayfair Games

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