Kamen Rider Masked Rider Hibiki Figure-rise Standard Kit


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Kamen Rider Hibiki joins Figure-rise Standard! A thorough reproduction of the body suit from the TV show uses polarization molding color to reproduce the characteristic suit color. Reflection that changes like a gradation depending on how the light hits expresses the texture. The gradation of the mask part is reproduced by the combination of the change in the thickness of the clear parts and the sticker attached inside. The sound angle and sound attack stick are molded integrally with the hand parts to express the minute expression of the fingertips holding the weapon. Clear-molded effect parts that can be reattached are included at the tip of the sound hammer and blaze. The attached drum effect can powerfully reproduce the deadly technique. The Kamen Rider Masked Rider Hibiki Figure-rise Standard Model Kit includes effect pedestal, sound hammer stick, 2x sound hammer effect, sound drum effect, sound angle, wrist parts decisive hand (right), dedicated sound angle hand (right), sound hammer stick Handle (l

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