Karakuri Alchemist


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This work was created for an exhibition on the theme of “Karakuri Experiments”. There is a round flask on the top of a decently sized box, and eight different symbols on each side of the pedestal. It’s a recipe of alchemy. After you solve the mystery of the eight symbols, the drawer will open.
You have to follow the creator’s intended procedure accurately. There are some parts inside the mechanism that move easily, so it won’t open if you make a wrong move. Please try to solve with the image of not spilling the liquid in the flask.

Karakuri Creation Group has beautiful puzzle boxes with unique opening mechanisms and wonderful artistry. The crafting work of Hakone & Odawara have been passed down through generations from the Edo era. Today, craftsmen continue these traditions and explore new and interesting high quality works so that the world of the “Karakuri box” continues to evolve. 

Comes in a pressboard box.
Solution is included.

Craftsman : Osamu Kasho
Size (storage part) : 105×104×22mm
Material : walnut, maple, wendge, magnolia, cherry

Object Open the drawer.
Difficulty Level 7 – Challenging
Brand Karakuri Creation Group
Types Other Japanese Puzzle Boxes, Osamu Kasho, Other Japanese Puzzle Boxes
Dimensions 13.2 cm x 14.7 cm x 13 cm / 5.2 in x 5.8 in x 5.1 in
Packaging Cardboard Box