King Arthur’s Camelot – Wrebbit 3D Jigsaw Puzzle


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The home of King Arthur and his legendary ‘Knights of the Round Table’ is the epicenter of fantastic tales and myths. Strengthen the walls of your own Camelot to house Merlin and Sir Lancelot, imagine Knights riding across misty hills to find and pull Excalibur from the stone or return the Grail from conquest to a lofty turret. This 865-piece Camelot 3D puzzle is a must for all medieval times lovers and fans of epic legends! 865 Pieces Ages: 14+Puzzle Dimensions: 16.54 in x 12.6 in x 13.78 in / 42 cm x 32 cm x 35 cm A Wrebbit 3D Puzzle part of the Castles & Cathedrals series.

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