Let Us Prey 10″ Vinyl Art Figure by Frank Kozik – Exclusive G(u)ilt Edition


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Is all that glitters GOLD? These hands clutch a pile of filthy lucre and wonder.  Kidrobot is going gold for this year’s NYCC Virtual Con on Kidrobot.com with surprise drops.  The first drop will tap into your G(u)ilty pleasures with this limited edition Let Us Prey 10″ Vinyl Art Figure by Frank Kozik – Exclusive G(u)ilt Edition.

Trapped in a gruesome world where paper is the source of revenue and happiness, we have redesigned any “exchange” to be nothing close to a smile from a stranger. Our whispers in prayer have become those of being blessed with wealth and materials to ensure longevity and to watch over our bank accounts instead of our friends. In collaboration with famed artist and Kidrobot Cheif Creative Officer, Frank Kozik, the “Let Us Prey” Art Figure captures modern-day greed pressed between two hopeful hands that used to pray for more than money.

Standing as a 10” representation of how pop culture devotes time to mirror our current economy and social standings, the “Let Us Prey” Vinyl Art Figure by Frank Kozik makes the perfect piece to remind ourselves of the balance between our social networked personalities and our true goals for self-actualization. This new Gold G(u)ilt edition won’t last long.