Lord of the Rings Nazgul 1:6 Scale Action Figure



Lord of the Rings Nazgul 1:6 Scale Action Figure:

Authentic alloy armor and swords!Detailed fabric clothing. Over 32 points of articulation.Stands nearly 12-inches tall. The dreaded Ringwraith from the Lord of the Rings trilogy comes as an authentically detailed 1:6 scale action figure! This Lord of the Rings Nazgul 1:6 Scale Action Figure stands nearly 12-inches tall and features over 32 points of articulation. The Nazgul is showcased in a dark cloth robe and tunic along with multiple pieces of alloy armor. Armor pieces include 2x bicep braces, 2x forearm braces, 2x calf braces, 2x thigh and foot pieces. The Nazgul also comes with 1x Nazgul Sword with scabbard, 1x Morgul Blade with scabbard, and 1x Witchking Sword with scabbard. The swords are crafted from alloy for a realistic look. The highly detailed figure also includes 2x pairs of additional hands and a figure stand for multiple display options.

Company:Asmus Toys

Theme:The Lord of the Rings

Product Type:Action Figures


Item Height:11.80 inches (29.97 cm)

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