M-46 Patton Tank 1:48 Scale Plastic Model Kit


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From Atlantis comes the M-46 Patton Tank 1:48 Scale Plastic Model Kit! Features long barrel 90mm elevating gun, flexible tank treads, traversing turret, turret machine gun, and opening hatches. Comes with 4 figures, decals, and detailed instructions. Molded in olive drab, it measures 7-inches long. Skill level 2. For ages 12 and up. On June 25, 1950 the North Korean Communist forces invaded South Korea. The first U.S. troops to come to the aid of South Korea landed in July, 1950. These were hastily dispatched from Japan and brought with them the M-24 fighting tanks. Apparently they had been selected for duty in Japan because of their light weight. Anything heavier would have been too much for the Japanese roads and flimsy bridges. Their inferiority to the Russian supplied equipment was immediately obvious. The first man-sized tank on the job was the M-26 General Pershing with a weight of 45 tons, mounting a 90mm gun and having a top speed of 25 mph. Next in action was the M-46 General Patton, our only pos

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