Magna 3D Lenticular Puzzle: Clown Fish

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Clown Fish swimming in every direction! Can you get them moving in the right direction? The 16 piece – 3D magnetic squares sit on top of a travel tin with a grooved frame for easy fixing. We hope you find these colourful fish fun and not frustrating! This state-of-the-art puzzle comes with awesome three dimensional Royce pictures and the magnet-backed tiles snap into place on the tin. Simply separate then recombine… but with every tile a possible edge piece it’s far trickier than it might seem! The Magna puzzles work much like conventional jigsaws – except the the picture on each puzzle piece changes according to the angle at which you view it and you can’t recognize corner or edge pieces by their shape! The aim is to take apart the puzzle and then reassemble as quickly as you can. The front face of the tin is used to keep pieces absolutely flat, ensuring that the finished picture is clearer to see. Ages 8+ Made by: Cheatwell Games

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