Marvel Movie Avengers Loki Heavyweights Die-Cast Figurine


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The God of Mischief, brother of Thor, and a prince of Asgard, Loki was secretly a Frost Giant, adopted by King Odin as a child. He didn’t take the truth well, and the resulting clash with Thor saw Loki fall into the void between worlds – where he met Thanos, the Mad Titan, and agreed to lead his armies against Earth. This Marvel Movie Collection Avengers Loki Heavyweights Die-Cast Figurine depicts actor Tom Hiddleston in his costume from Marvel Studios’ The Avengers , wearing his horned helmet and wielding his mind-controlling scepter. Meticulously hand-painted, this statue draws out all the details of Loki’s elaborate costume. Cast in metal, this figure measures roughly 5-inches tall.

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