Marvel Universe Cyclops X-Men Fine Art 1:6 Scale Statue


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Cyclops from X-Men is back! Intense, action-packed statue measures 15 3/4-inches tall. Highly detailed, from skin texture to the rips and tears on his suit. Display Scott Summers with Wolverine from the same Kotobukiya series! Cyclops from X-Men returns to the Fine Art statue line from Kotobukiya – fully redone! Digitally sculpted to portray an intense and action-packed battle scene that extends from the base to the top of statue, the level of energy exuded by this 15 3/4-inch tall statue is top notch. The details of the skin texture and the rips and tears on his suit are replicated in a way that only high-quality cold-cast resin can achieve. When displayed with Wolverine from the same series (sold separately), the fierce battle scene only gets better! Scott Summers is the first of the X-Men recruited by Professor X. Xavier handpicks Scott to lead his X-Men and carry on the legacy of his mutant-human-harmony ideals. With the responsibility of managing roughly 2 gigawatts of concussive force just behind hi

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