Maverick (Yellow) – Aluminum Ball Bearing Yo-Yo

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Level 3 Yo-yo for Advanced Play. The Yomega® Maverick® is a high grade, all aluminum, laser etched yoyo that is designed for advanced play. This yoyo combines a highly rated steel ball bearing with a smooth rubber return system, a weighted perimeter for long spins, and a wide gap profile for advanced string play. The Maverick is a high performance, high value yo-yo that is incredibly popular. This yoyo promotes individuality in yoyo play. Maverick has clean body lines, weighs 60 g, and has a 52.3 mm diameter and a 2 mm gap width.Width: 35 mm Bearing Size: 6.35 x 12.7 x 3.175 mm Brand: Yomega

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