Mechanical Model – Treasure Box


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UGEARS models are a unique combination of wood and mechanics. UGEARS feature easy-to-assemble wooden pieces and gears that actually move that will bring delight to novice and experienced modelers alike. Made with laser-cut high quality plywood, there is no glue required to assemble these intricate masterpieces. Detailed step-by-step color instructions are provided in 10 languages.

Beautiful boxes have intigued people for generations. This beautifully distinct Ugears design that also doubles as traditional step-by-step puzzle brings to you the Treasure Box! The delicate through-carved work of its lid and sides invites you to gain a glimpse into the mystery that the moving gears conceal. One would imagine that in order to open the box, we’d need a key – and the key is right there, beautifully embedded in the carved lid…
Intricate layered through-carved design of the box allows you to observe the work of the gears while solving your puzzle step by step.
When all the secrets are revealed and the box is opened, inside you will find a small compartment for jewellery, notes and other small items.

Pieces: 190
Ages: 14+ (Adults)
Estimated assembly time: 4-5 hours
Finished model size: 5.6 in x 5.6 in x 3.6 in / 14.2 cm x 14.2 cm x 9.1 cm
Self-assembly. No glue required!

Object Assemble the wooden pieces to make a treasure box.
Brand Ugears
Types Wooden Puzzle Boxes, Wooden Models & Kits
Dimensions 5.6 in x 5.6 in x 3.6 in / 14.2 cm x 14.2 cm x 9.1 cm
Packaging Cardboard Box
Total Pieces 190