Mega Man X Rising Fire Version 1:12 Scale Model Kit


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Suppress the Repliforce! From Mega Man X4 of that series comes the Mega Man X Rising Fire Version 1:12 Scale Model Kit! X comes painted in a fiery red base color for after he has acquired “Rising Fire.” Newly designed showy effect parts are also included to recreate dynamic attack scenes! Effect parts to recreate Zero’s special skill, “Ryuenjin,” that he obtained by defeating the formidable Magma Dragoon are also included within this model kit as an added bonus. Model Kit measures roughly 5 1/2-inches tall. With over 35 million copies sold, the Mega Man franchise is a beloved video game franchise loved by fans of all generations throughout the world. Beloved by fans for their fast-paced action and deep storytelling, the Mega Man X series became a core brand within the franchise.

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