Megami Device M.S.G. 02 Skin Color D Bottoms Set Model Kit


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Megami Device M.S.G is a modeling support goods series targeted towards the Megami Device plastic model kit series. The “Bottom Set” is a reconstructed lower body that was designed by Masaki Apsy, to which users can rebuild and modernize already existing Megami Device models. The thighs have been made bigger for more stability in the legs as well as more flexibility in creating various dynamic action poses. Newly sculpted compact-sized ankles are also included. The Skin Color D is compatible with Wism Grapple, SOL Road Runner, SOL Strike Raptor, Asra Tamamonomae, and Bullet Knights Launcher Hell Blaze. Made of ABS, these parts are 1:1 scale. “Megami Device” is a plastic model kit series combining Bishoujo-style beauties and heavy-duty weapons and armor. Each character has a main body, or “machinika,” designed by Masaki Apsy along with a huge array of interchangeable parts to outfit her as you like. The Megami Device M.S.G. 02 Skin Color D Bottoms Set Model Kit includes: Hip Parts Pair of Thighs 2x pair

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