Mexican Train Dominoes – Double 12 Professional Set – NUMBERS

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Mexican Train Dominoes, referred to by many as Trains, is a popular dominoes game where players work to dispense all the dominoes in their hand by playing them onto one or more chains (or trains) emanating from the central hub station. This set has the advantage of having two different colors for the 6 & the 9. The 6 is yellow and the 9 is blue. Easy-to-Carry vinyl case for putting away and storing dominoes Big, easy to read numbers Set includes 8 trains, interactive hub with sounds, 2 chicken markers, and a mexican train marker You are ready to go with this complete game set Add a scorepad and pen you are all set Set Includes 91 pieces of professional size domino tiles A whistling train key chain Oval train hub 8 pieces of assorted color train markers Storage case with snap closure

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