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Mimosa, the name of this puzzle, has been derived from the sensitive property of the Mimosa Pudica plant. It also lends itself to the delicately rustic, handmade appearance. The aim is to remove the small disc which can be seen through the small window on the top of the puzzle. No force needs to be applied to the moving parts and no external tools should be used to solve the puzzle.

Comes in an attractive cloth bag especially designed for the puzzle.

Designed in 2019 and made in India by Abhishek Ruikar.

Object Release the disc.
Difficulty Level 8 – Demanding
Brand Abhishek Ruikar
Types More Wood Puzzles, Abhishek Ruikar
Dimensions 5 cm diameter x 8 cm tall / 2 in diameter x 3.2 in tall
Packaging cloth bag