MindTrap: 20th Anniversary Edition

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Twenty years ago, the original MindTrap® game was released. With its quirky questions and mind-numbing riddles, the game went on to become an instant bestseller, with over 3 million copies sold worldwide! Celebrate this classic game with the new “20th Anniversary Edition” full of quirky characters, baffling brainteasers, and convoluted logic! It’s a great party game and a good way to exercise the brain! The game includes four different categories of questions: Reebus Riddles, Classic Conundrums, Picture Puzzles, and of course, MindTrap Mysteries! *Note: some content may be deemed too violent and inappropriate for children. It is categorized as an Adult game, not a Family game, but kids 12+ may be able to handle the content. Please use discretion. Contains: 4 decks of 96 cards, 1 spinner, instructions Ages: 12+ Players: 2+ Made by: MindTrap Games Inc.

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