Murder Mystery Game: Merlot, Meritage & Murder


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The Game: Spice up your party by adding a little mystery and a dash of murder to the evening. Just invite six to eight guests to dress up and play the roles of the scheming suspects and you�re in for an evening of unforgettable fun! No one is who they appear to be�can you find the killer? The Crime: Welcome to the Okanagan! Sit, relax and enjoy the picture-perfect views and have a sip of . . . scandal. That�s right, trouble is brewing in wine country. Big Red, the notorious owner of Red Rose Winery, sure knows how to live up to her name . . . after all, she has a reputation for being bold, complicated and seductive. But just when we thought Big Red couldn�t cause any more trouble, she was found murdered on the eve of the annual wine festival! Everyone is a suspect in this intoxicating crime! See if you can help expose the killer. The Suspects: Bernie Bottleneck, Crystal Flute, Rosie Blush, Sam Screwcap, Sue Sourgrapes & Victor Q Andrews Extra Players (Non Suspects): Walt Winelover & Olga Ogopogoski The Contents: Party Planner Six Character Booklets Two Character Booklets for bonus players Eight Character Profi les to include with invitations Eight Party Invitations and Envelopes Six Secret Clues Compact Disc Co-host: Complete with introduction, evening commentary and solution to the mystery Suggested Age: Adult For 6 to 8 players

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