Murder Mystery Game: Secrets, Scandals & Superheroes


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The Game: Spice up your party by adding a little mystery and a dash of murder to the evening. Just invite ten to twelve guests to dress up and play the roles of the scheming suspects and you�re in for an evening of unforgettable fun! No one is who they appear to be . . . can you find the killer? The Crime: It�s superheroes versus evil villains . . . who murdered the mad scientist? Dudley Demented was a renowned scientist who was credited with creating the modern superhero. Some said Dudley was a genius; others called him a mad scientist. But everyone was shocked when Dudley was found murdered in his lab! It�s not a secret that Dudley had several enemies, and in the world of superheroes, no one is ever what they seem . . . Use your superpowers to solve the mystery! The Suspects: Captain Perfect, Chainsaw Man, Doctor Daisy Demented, Glitter Girl, Lightning Man, Military Myrna, Rabbit Boy, Stewy Side-Kick, The Aerosol Avenger & The Black Widow Extra Players (Non Suspects): Tilly Tattler & Detective Dwayne The Contents: Party Planner Ten Character Booklets Two Character Booklets for bonus players Twelve Character Profi les to include with invitations Twelve Party Invitations and Envelopes Ten Secret Clues Compact Disc Co-host: Complete with introduction, evening commentary and solution to the mystery Suggested Age: Adult For 10 to 12 players

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