Nautilus Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle


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The whorled shell of a Nautilus creates a challenging spiral puzzle from lasercut wood. The Spiral Puzzle is a new twist on the classic jigsaw puzzle where the edge coils into the center. Usually you start assembling a puzzle from the edge and work inwards. However, with a Spiral Puzzle the edge winds inside the puzzle, mixing the interior and the exterior.
The puzzle features a photograph of a nautilus shell. Nautiluses are cephalopods related to octopi and squid. As it grows, the nautilus builds larger and larger chambers to live in, creating a spiraling shell. The chambers contain a mixture of gas and seawater. The nautilus regulates this mixture to control its buoyancy much like a submarine!
WHIMSY PIECES: The puzzle contains 5 cephalopod pieces and a seahorse for good measure.
Contains 306 maze-style pieces
Laser cut in Palenville, NY
Made with our custom birch plywood
made with math, science, + lasers
Since 2011, we’ve been crafting plywood puzzles that combine the artistry of classic jigsaws with the possibilities of new technology. We use custom software inspired by natural patterns to grow the intertwining shapes of the puzzle pieces. The organic forms are cut from plywood by a laser, resulting in a uniquely challenging puzzle crafted from premium materials. Each puzzle is made by us at our studio in the Catskill Mountains.

Object Put together the jigsaw puzzle.
Brand Nervous System
Type Wooden Jigsaws
Dimensions 12 in x 10 in / 30.5 cm x 25.4 cm
Packaging Cardboard Box
Total Pieces 306