Nightmare Before Christmas Lock Shock and Barrel Statue


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World of Miss Mindy’s whimiscal take on Disney’s most beloved characters weaves artistry, story telling and a little bit of humor in every creation. Together in a tub, Lock, Shock, and Barrel, caw and cackle this holiday. With balloons, candy, and a trick-or-treat bag, the trio prepares for a Halloween of spooky shenanigans. Reimagined by Miss Mindy this ghoulish group has never looked cuter. The Disney The World of Miss Mindy Nightmare Before Christmas Lock Shock and Barrel Statue is a must have for fans of the movie. Made of resin. Measures about 7 1/10-inches tall x 6 4/5-inches long x 3 3/4-inches wide. Miss Mindy creates in her home studio in Eagle Rock, California with her artist husband Rick O’Brien and their bilingual circus dog, Radio. “Cartoon Folk Art” is how she describes her fine artwork, which ranges from fluid-ink work to handcrafted dimensional “pop-up” paintings. She’s also gained notoriety for her custom vinyls and one-of-a-kind sculptures. For example, her World of Miss Mindy collection

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