Orbicular Geode Puzzle #139


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Geode is a jigsaw puzzle inspired by the formation of agates, a colorful banded gemstone. Each puzzle is one of a kind; emerging from a computer simulation that creates natural variation in the shape, pieces, and image. Hundreds of lasercut plywood pieces intertwine to form a challenging, maze-like puzzle. The unique design process combines art, science and techology to produce state of the art puzzles. Each puzzle is lasercut from 1/4 inch thick plywood at a studio in Somerville, MA. Since every puzzle is unique, the size and piece count vary. This puzzle will have around 360 pieces and measure about 12.5 inches across once assembled. Made by: Nervous System Size: Approximately 12.5 inch acrossPieces: Approximately 360Made with custom birch plywood Note: The image may not be exactly as shown due to the uniqueness of each puzzle that is created.

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