P-39 Bell Airacobra WWII Fighter 1:46 Plastic Model Kit


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From Atlantis comes the P-39 Bell Airacobra WWII Fighter 1:46 Plastic Model Kit! This kit comes molded in olive drab with 39 parts. Decals included for original release and shark mouth version. Measures 8-inches long with a wing span of 9-inches. Also includes pilot and crewman, engraved original markings, landing gear, belly tank, and swivel stand. The P-39 Airacobra was developed in 1939 and was an aircraft that became famous for its engineering innovations. The Allison engine, which cranked out 1150 horsepower at 3000 RPM, was mounted behind the Pilot, driving the propeller by means of a lengthened drive shaft through a reduction gear box mounted in the forward section of the fuselage. The Airacobra was the principal American fighter aircraft when the US entered World War II. It was produced in large numbers, and was used by both the US Air Force and the Royal Air Force. It was also used very successfully by the Russians as a tank destroyer. Its top speed was rated at 400 miles per hour. With a combat

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