Pandemic: State of Emergency – Expansion


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NOTE: You need the base game of PANDEMIC to play this expansion. Compatible with ON THE BRINK expansion and IN THE LAB expansion. You’ve survived epidemics and outbreaks. You came back from the brink. You found new cures in the lab. Now, you must save the world from a State of Emergency! Includes 5 new roles and 7 new events. Ages: 13+ Players: 2 – 4 Average Game Length: 45 Minutes Content: 5 Role cards5 Pawns7 Event cards6 Quarantine markers 2 Hinterlands boards 18 transparent disks1 Hinterlands die10 Emergency Event cards 4 Reference cards4 Vaccine factories24 Vaccine Doses2 Superbug Infection cards8 Superbug Bonus cards 1 revised Role card (Superbug version)24 purple disease cubes 1 cure marker1 cure indicator / cure indicator card

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