Pionir Pyramid


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This was Roxanne Wong`s exchange puzzle at the IPP32 Washington 2012. The puzzle is a sliding bead puzzle, where the beads are enclosed in a square-based pyramid and travel along its edges. The beads are not intended to be removed from the enclosure. You move the beads by tilting the puzzle. There is a total of 52 colored beads with space fore moving. Each of the 4 vertical edgees has 6 beads and each of the 4 horizontal edges had 7 beads.(Colors vary on each puzzle). The objective is to get all the beads of one color along an edge. There is a central plug to stop the beads from shifting during movement. The plug is locked through the use of magnets. Inventors: Roxanne Wong and Mr. FokManufacturer: Mf8

Sold by: Puzzle Master