Planet Earth – Wooden Jigsaw


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This is not just a puzzle — it is a high quality wooden puzzle which features many uniquely shaped pieces.

Eternal cold, darkness, nothing is alive. Is this the great Cosmos? Beautiful in appearance, warm, caressed by the sun’s rays is the little planet Earth. It is unique in our Solar system. Many years ago life was born on the planet, but many processes still excite scientists’ minds.
But maybe somewhere, among the many stars in the ocean of the Universe, we’ll find other living gems – planets.
The figure puzzle from Unidragon’s new “Cosmos” series, will amaze you with its bright colours.
Twinkling stars shine their light around them. The long tails of comets leave bright trails behind them. The puzzle pieces are surprisingly shaped like planets and solar vortices. The sun’s bright rays illuminate a real space adventure.
The picture doesn’t have straight edges, but is complicated in its assembly.

250 Pieces
Finished size: Approx. 22.8 cm x 30.4 cm / 9 in x 12 in

Object Put together the jigsaw puzzle.
Brand Unidragon
Type Wooden Jigsaws
Dimensions Approx. 22.8 cm x 30.4 cm / 9 in x 12 in
Packaging Wooden Display Box
Total Pieces 250