Power Rangers Ultimates Goldar 7-Inch Scale Action Figure


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Power Rangers Ultimates Goldar 7-Inch Scale Action Figure:

Go go Power Rangers! It’s Morphin’ Time with the Power Rangers Ultimates Goldar 7-Inch Action Figure. The most powerful of the Evil Space Aliens, Goldar is a general in Rita Repulsa’s endless Putty Patrol Army, sporting battle armor and giant wings while wielding an impressive sword capable of bringing any opponent to their knees. As Goldar himself is prone to do, there’s a lot to boast about with this figure of the iconic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers bad guy. This highly detailed, fully articulated deluxe Goldar ULTIMATES! figure stands 8-inches tall and comes with a multitude of interchangeable parts and accessories, including his sword, Power Coin box, and Badges of Darkness. He’s ready to command those Putty Patrollers, so be sure to give the Goldar ULTIMATES! figure a prime spot in your MMPR collection!

The evil and powerful Goldar comes armed to the teeth:
2 x Interchangeable Heads 2x Fists 2x Gripping Hands 2x Gripping Hands (vertical) 2x Expressive Hands 2 x Extended Wings 2 x Hidden Wings Sword 5 x Badges of Darkness Power Coin Box

Company: Super7

Theme: Power Rangers

Product Type: Action Figures

Character: Goldar

Country of Origin: Vietnam

Packaging Height: 9.70 inches (24.64 cm)

Packaging Width: 3.10 inches (7.87 cm)

Packaging Length: 8.40 inches (21.34 cm)

Weight: 1.800 lb

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