Power Rangers Ultimates King Sphinx 7-Inch Action Figure


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Power Rangers Ultimates King Sphinx 7-Inch Action Figure:

The Egyptian-inspired monster King Sphinx is one of the most dangerous foes ever to cross paths with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! This 8-inch tall fully articulated Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ULTIMATES! King Sphinx figure features premium paint deco and highly detailed sculpting, and comes with interchangeable heads and hands, and his Sphinx Scepter accessory. King Sphinx’ opponents are blown away (literally) by the mighty wind blast from his wings, and your friends & family will be blown away (figuratively) when they see you’ve added the King Sphinx ULTIMATES! figure to your collection!

Accessories inclue:Scowling head2x Claw hands2x Fist hands4x Gripping handsStaffSphinx Wings

Company: Super7

Theme: Power Rangers

Product Type: Action Figures

Country of Origin: Vietnam

Weight: 2.500 lb

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