Power Rangers Ultimates Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger 7-Inch Action Figure


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Power Rangers Ultimates Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger 7-Inch Action Figure:

It’s a good thing she has an athletic background, because between protecting Angel Grove, training for the Pan Global Games, and just being a teenager trying to get through the school day, it must be exhausting to be the Pink Ranger! This 7-inch scale fully articulated Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ULTIMATES! Pink Ranger figure features interchangeable heads to represent both Kimberly Hart and Katherine Hillard, and includes all the accessories a valley girl could want! Whether she’s turning handsprings or turning the tables on Rita Repulsa, the Pink Ranger is a non-stop force against evil. Pre-order your Pink Ranger ULTIMATES! figure to vault your way to a truly Morphinomenal collection!

Accessories include:Kimberly Hart head Katherine Hillard headPink helmet head10x hands3x Power Bows4x Blade BlastersPower ArrowPink Power CrystalPower RibbonOpen Power Morpher”P.C.” the White Cat

Company: Super7

Theme: Power Rangers

Product Type: Action Figures

Country of Origin: Vietnam

Weight: 1.600 lb

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