Power Rangers Ultimates Putty Patroller 7-Inch Action Figure


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Power Rangers Ultimates Putty Patroller 7-Inch Action Figure:

Go go Power Rangers! It’s Morphin’ Time with the Power Rangers Ultimates Putty Patroller 7-Inch Action Figure! Created from Finster’s Monster-Matic, the Putty Patrol is Rita Repulsa’s endless evil horde. They often accompany Rita’s Evil Space Aliens and provide backup for Goldar’s assaults on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Putties are able to adapt to any situation, sometimes absorbing another monster’s power to fight the Power Rangers. The 7-inch scale fully articulated Putty Patroller ULTIMATES! figure come with interchangeable heads and hands, soft goods clothing, and additional accessories that allow you to display them as seen in some of your favorite MMPR episodes. They may not be made out of clay like a real Putty Patroller, but at least it won’t explode when you hit its chest! Get your own Putty Patrol going by adding them to your MMPR collection today!

The Putty Patrol comes complete with a lot of gear:
2 x Interchangeable Heads Boulder Right Hand Blade Left Hand 2x Fists 2x Gripping Hands 2x Gripping Hands (vertical) 2x Expressive Hands Clown Collar (soft goods) Football Jersey (soft goods) Cowboy Hat Bandana Removable Z-Putty Vest 2x Removable Z-Putty Knee Pads

Company: Super7

Theme: Power Rangers

Product Type: Action Figures

Country of Origin: Vietnam

Packaging Height: 9.70 inches (24.64 cm)

Packaging Width: 3.10 inches (7.87 cm)

Packaging Length: 8.40 inches (21.34 cm)

Weight: 1.800 lb

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