Raider (Blue) – Responsive Pro Level Ball Bearing Yo-Yo


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Level 3 Yo-Yo for Advanced Players. The Yomega® Raider™ is one of the premier yoyos in the advanced players’ world. With a precise bearing system, the Raider is engineered to provide the ultimate balance in response, speed, and spin time. Among world and national Champions, the Raider is used for extreme looping play and is the recommended choice for any progressing player. BEST CHOICE FOR LOOPING– There’s a reason the Raider is one of the most popular yo-yos in the world today. It’s perfect for looping tricks and provides ultimate control for two handed (2A) players. PRO LEVEL YOYO– Designed for the intermediate and advanced player, this yoyo will help you master the more complex string tricks that require long smooth spins. Yomega revolutionized yoyo play with advanced ball bearing technology and the highest quality standards in the industry. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS– Features the Starburst Return System. Weight: 54 grams. Width: 35.5mm. Gap Width: 2.5mm. Diameter: 58.7mm. Recommended for ages 8 and Up.

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