Ramisis GII: Extreme Edition – Blue with Gold Capstone

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The Extreme Ramisis is the second exciting puzzle in the Isis puzzle series and part of the growing adventure. The Ramisis Extreme G2 features a new updated mechanical design in 2014.The New Extreme Edition features signature engraving on the bottom, which includes the signature of the inventor. Presented in high quality leather box within the black puzzle box outer packaging. Designer: Andrew Reeves As a child Andrew would make games for all his friends when they would come over. They would always ask him “So what should we do today then.” He would tell them of a new game that he had been thinking of. Now he has brought puzzling games to us. When Andrew first made the Isis Puzzle, it was picked up and put on the Jonathan Ross Show. After the show they were receiving orders from America asking for this puzzle. Andrew soon went to Dragon’s Den to find a backer for his next project. After the show he got a call asking for a huge order. From then on he has been making The Isis Puzzle, The Ramisi Puzzle and now the Copernisis Puzzle. There are plans to do two more puzzles with the last one coming out in 2015. The first one to solve all five puzzles receives up to 100,000 pounds.

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