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This is a beautiful wooden labyrinth, inspired by Marco Polo’s journey. Can you move the silver ball safely through the labyrinth? The position of the board is controlled by two handles. Marco Polo (1254 – 1324): A Venetian merchant who embarked upon an epic adventure with his father and uncle all around Asia, including China, India and Japan. These were lands unknown to Europe at the time. They travelled continuously for 24 years covering some 15,000 miles. They stayed with kings and emperors including Kublai Khan, the great emporer of China. On their return to Venice in 1295, Marco Polo was imprisoned after the invasion of Venice by the Genoese. There he wrote “The Travels of Marco Polo” which became famous throughout Europe as the first real account of the exotic east. He was instrumental in starting to bring together the two very different worlds of the east and the west. His travels were an inspiration to many including Christopher Columbus, who was himself looking for a route to the far east some 200 years later.

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