Revenge Lock


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An intriguing and hefty metal puzzle lock designed by Wil Strijbos! The front of the lock bears the name “Revenge Lock”, as well as the signature of its designer, as well as his Streetwise branding. This puzzle is also known as “The Wanderer”. A perfect puzzle for the collector! The challenges in this lock are described in two parts: First P Art: 1- Discover your Number2 – Open the Shackle 3 – Remove the Brass Key 4 – Find the Tiny Wanderer Second P Art: 5 – Replace the Wanderer – Brass Key – Shackle 6 – Put the Lock back in the Frame. 7 – Fix the Lock back into the Frame. There are no magnets, no banging required, no force needed, and no external tools required. Size: 78mm x 100mm (height to the top of the shackle) x 20mm

Sold by: Puzzle Master