Rick and Morty Evil Morty Figure with Collector Magazine


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This seems like a good time for a drink, and a cold calculated speech with sinister overtones. One of many Mortys throughout the multiverse, “Evil” Morty is also known as Eye Patch Morty, Candidate Morty, and now… President Morty. In service to his sinister plans, this Morty murdered and tortured countless Mortys and Ricks from across realities, even manipulating his own “Evil Rick” through a hidden transmitter. His schemes came to final fruition after Rick destroyed the Council of Ricks. Taking advantage of the newly-democratic Citadel of Ricks, Evil Morty used a false identity to run for president. Against all expectations, he won – and promptly executed everyone who would oppose his ambitions for the Citadel. The highly-detailed Evil Morty Figurine perfectly captures this villain sinister intent. Meticulously hand-painted metallic resin, Evil Morty stands atop a portal-themed display base at almost 3 3/4-inches tall. The Evil Morty Figurine comes with a 16-page illustrated magazine featuring inform

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