Rick and Morty Evil Rick Figure with Collector Magazine


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We both know if there’s a truth in the universe, it’s that Ricks don’t care about Mortys. An interdimensional serial killer who hunted Ricks from alternate realities, Evil Rick kept his murderous lair hidden from the Council of Ricks by torturing hundreds of Mortys, using the resultant “Morty waves” to cancel out their scanners. Ultimately, Morty rallied his captives to escape and revolt, and Evil Rick was beaten to death by an enraged tide of mediocrity. Yet an autopsy revealed that Evil Rick’s brain was packed with mind-control cybernetics – he was little more than a puppet for his companion. Evil Morty. The highly-detailed Evil Rick Figurine perfectly captures every facet of this villain, from scar to the raised “evil” eyebrow. Meticulously hand-painted metallic resin, Evil Rick stands atop a portal-themed display base at almost 5-inches tall. The Evil Rick Figurine comes with a 16-page illustrated magazine featuring information about your figurine and interesting facts from Evil Rick’s life.

Sold by: Entertainment Earth

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