Roll ‘Em Dice Cups (Liar’s Dice)


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Roll ’em, roll ’em, roll ’em! Enjoy a fast-paced game of Liar’s Dice or 10 other games of louck and chance. There are instructions for 11 games included. This dice game set can create hours of enjoyment for all and is steeped in history. Diced have been used in cultures around the world for over 5,000 years! The number of games that can be played with a set of dice are limitless. Dice games, by their very nature, tend to rely much more on luck than skill. While luck is the foundation you will be surprised at the improvements that can be accomplished by learning the odds and probabilities. So, if you are feeling lucky and know the odds, this set is perfect for you. Includes: 4 sturdy black Dice Cups20 Plastic DiceInstructions for 11 Games (Including Liar’s Dice)

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