Russian JS-III Stalin Tank 1:48 Plastic Model Kit


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From Atlantis comes the Russian JS-III Stalin Tank 1:48 Plastic Model Kit! Features elevating 122mm gun, flexible tank treads, traversing turret, 12.7 MM machine gun, and opening hatches. Molded in russian green. In 1943 the Russians developed the famous T-34 tank which did much to help drive the Nazis from their homeland. The T-34 was heavily armored and mounted a large caliber gun in a single 360-degree traverse turret. This tank set the pattern for future Russian tank design and strongly influenced foreign designs including the world-famous Panther Tank produced by Germany during World War II. The Panther copied much from the T-34 and the Germans developed these ideas into an even better fighting machine. With the introduction of the T-34, the large gun, heavy tank race was on. The Russians, utilizing the experience gained with the T-34 design, came out with the KV-2, a 52 ton, 76mm gun tank which was quickly followed by the first of the Stalin Tank series, the JS-1. This new design was a 57 ton 122mm

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