Schloss M6


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The Schloss M6 is a new tricky padlock made by Jean Claude Constantin. Figuring it out will be tough, and you’ll need to take many steps to solve it. You’ll require ten screws, a spanner, and unwavering motivation as your main tools. The Schloss M6 is a genuine work of art, blending rare wood, strong plexiglass, and stainless steel with joy.

Made in laser-cut wood, acrylic, and stainless steel by Jean-Claude Constantin. Jean-Claude Constantin lives in Germany, where he designs and manufactures many different wood and metal puzzles, as well as magic tricks and other intellectual toys and games.

Object Take apart the lock and reassemble
Difficulty Level 10 – Mind Boggling
Brand Jean Claude Constantin
Types European Wood Puzzles, Jean Claude Constantin
Packaging shrinkwrap