Shining Fish – Shaped Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle


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This is not just a puzzle — it is a high quality wooden puzzle which features many uniquely shaped pieces.

If you remember the line “devoting full time to floating,” then you know exactly why we’ve created the Shining Fish puzzle. It’s because we want everyone to know how great it is under the sea! Just look around — fishes are hiding in corals and anemones, an octopus is minding his own business, a seahorse is swimming by, and a turtle has stopped to take a closer look at a tasty seaweed. Life is bustling down here, and it’s not just animals. You’ll meet some mythical creatures, too, and own a real trident! In other words, dive into this puzzle and discover the treasures that the Shining Fish has for you.

Size M – 32×24 cm (12.6 x 9.6 in) – 196 pcs – average complexity, assembly time 2-4 hours.

Object Put together the jigsaw puzzle.
Brand Unidragon
Type Wooden Jigsaws
Dimensions Approx. 32 x 24 cm / 12.6 x 9.6 in
Packaging Wooden Display Box
Total Pieces 196