Showpiece XS – The Eiffel Tower, France

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Part of the Showpiece Extra Small Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Collection. Designed for puzzle lovers who are looking for an extra challenge of very small pieces. Every Showpiece XS comes with an easel and frame. With the small finished size of the Showpiece XS, the puzzle is ready to be framed and displayed on your desktop, in your kitchen, office or bedroom. The jigsaw pieces are made of plastic, which provides superior durability and interlocking over traditional cardboard puzzles. Showpiece XS puzzles stay together without glue even when picked up or moved around. The also feature water-resistant printing which prevents puzzle pieces from absorbing moisture in the air, and ensuring the printing stay shiny and colorful over time. 150 Pieces. Finished Size: 10.2 cm x 7.6 cm / 4 in x 3 in Made by: Pintoo

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