Silvaneo Puzzle Box


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Silvaneo is a wooden puzzle box that has a very simple, but elegant solution, that will open the box and reveal the hidden compartment. This beautifully crafted puzzle is made from high quality maple wood with a gorgeous finish. The compartment holds a small wooden token bearing the name of the puzzle inside. Use your beautiful box to creatively display a treasure of your choice!

Makes a beautiful gift – hide a gift card or other small item inside and watch as the recipient tries to release the gift they can see is trapped inside.

Object Open the box.
Difficulty Level 5 – Easy
Brand Infinite Loop Games
Types Puzzle Boxes / Trick Boxes, Patrick Alpers, Wooden Puzzle Boxes
Dimensions 9.5 cm x 8.3 cm x 8.7 cm / 3.7 in x 3.3 in x 3.4 in
Packaging Shrinkwrap