Skarah, The Valkyerie 1:12 Action Figure



Skarah, The Valkyerie 1:12 Action Figure:

Valkyries are the Norse Goddesses who choose those who died with valor in battlefield to bring them to the afterlife hall of the slain in Valhalla, ruled over by the god Odin.Skarah, the most powerful Valkyrie in Valhalla is Odin’s favorite, adored as a Goddess of War on earth by the mightiest warriors and envied by her sisters, her powers are second only to Odin himself!SKARAH, THE VALKYRIE © 2019 ARH Studios Inc.


1× TBLeague 1/12 female seamless body with metal skeleton1× head sculpt3 pairs × interchangeable hands1× chest guard1× battle style skirt1× fur panites1 pair × shoes1 pair × forearm armors with fur decoration1 pair × leg armors with fur decoration1× necklace1× feathered style helmet1× shoulder strap1× right shoulder armor with fur decoration1 pair × knee armors1× armlet for left arm1× spear1× sword1× shield1× base

Company: Executive Replicas

Theme: Comics

Product Type: Action Figures

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