Sky-Scraper (Wolken-Kratzer)


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A very clever variation of the typical SOMA cube type puzzle. Eleven pieces must fit together in order to form the tower and allow the top piece to fit in place.

Made in Samena and Hevea wood by Philos. Philos is a German puzzle manufacturer that started in 1996 as a manufacturer and distributor of toys. They make a wide variety of wooden puzzles, as well as some less common strategy games, playing cards, and dice.

Object Make a skyscraper with the eleven wooden pieces
Difficulty Level 8 – Demanding
Brand Philos
Type European Wood Puzzles
Dimensions 9 7/8 in x 3 in x 2 3/4 in / 25 cm x 7.9 cm x 7 cm
Packaging Cardboard Box