Slideways - Cubic Dissection


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Slideways is one of my favorite puzzles ever. Three simple, identical pieces combine to form a three dimensional symmetrical cross shape. Seems easy, but there’s a tricky concept that the solver needs to grasp to make it happen. Once discovered the movement is addicting! This puzzle is shipped unassembled.While most of the work by Cubic Dissection is limited edition, they always keep the Artisan Series in stock. New customers can give us a shot and see the difference between their work and the low quality import puzzles that are everywhere else. Artisan puzzles are hand crafted in the US using the same precision techniques as their signature puzzles, but in higher volume and without any detail sanding or finish. Designed by Ray Stanton and Akio YamamotoMATERIAL: Walnut, Maple, Sapele

Sold by: Puzzle Master