Solid Kendama Pro (Light Blue)

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TheYomega Kendama Pro is a professional model based on our popular Kendama. It is crafted out of wood, making for a better grip and a premium feel. Catch the competition-sized kendama ball on the various size cups, then go for the spike, landing the ball on the pointed tip. A game easy to learn yet difficult to master, ensuring hours of concentrated play. The kendama originates from early 18th century Japan. Players hold the ‘ken’ and perform tricks catching and tossing the ‘tama’ (ball). Perform tricks such as the Moshikame (Juggle the ball from Big Cup to Base), Lighthouse (Hold the ball and land the base on it), Airplane (Hold the ball and land the spike on it) or the Bird (Catch the ball between the cup and the spike). There are so many ways to play with this addictive toy! Big Cup (Ozara)Small Cup (Kozara)Bottom Cup (Chuzara)Spike (Tomeken)

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