Soma Pack


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There are 7 components to this SOMA cube that must be removed and then re-inserted into a box with two openings. In some cases, individual pieces of the puzzle must be rotated in the box in order to be able to position them in the right place.Inserting the pieces through one of the openings creates 20 different solution possibilities, (2 without rotation, 6 with one rotation, 10 with two rotations and 3 with three rotations of three components). Through the other opening, there are only 3 different ways to bring a component into the box, each with the rotation of a game piece.Of course you can build with the 7 tiles all manner of three-dimensional figures. Already over 3000 different structures are known. Playing Time: 15 – 20 minutesDesigned by: Dr. Volker Latussek, Germany, 2015 Brand: RombolPlease note: Illustrated information / instruction sheet included with the puzzle is written in German.

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