Star Trek Catan

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STAR TREK CATAN® transports the timeless game concept of the world’s most acclaimed board game—THE SETTLERS OF CATAN—into the exciting Star Trek universe. The popular characters of the Starship Enterprise come into play through novel new “support cards.” Build, trade and settle where no one has gone before! Since 1966, millions of Star Trek® fans all over the world have watched the adventures of the Starship Enterprise, Captain Kirk, and Mr. Spock. And since 1995, millions of enthusiastic players all over the world have played Klaus Teuber’s The Settlers of Catan®—a board game classic. It’s time to bring them all together on the Final Frontier! Ages: 10+ Players: 3 – 4 Average Game Length: 75 minutes Contains: 19 interchangeable planet sector tiles 6 part game board frame 28 outposts 16 habitat rings (for upgrading outposts to starbases) 60 starships 1 Klingon battle cruiser 2 special victory point cards 10 support cards 25 development cards 4 building costs cards 95 resource cards 2 six sided star dice Rules & almanac

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